Gambling on the small screen: the 7 best casino moments on TV

Gambling on the small screen: the 7 best casino moments on TV

The history of television is littered with classic moments dedicated to casinos and gambling, and we’re not just talking about a lucky challenger who win casino online malaysia top prize on programs like The Wheel of Fortune and Ok, the price is right!

Over the years, The Simpsons, South Park and Friends have highlighted the fun, weird and wholly bizarre side of gambling in all its glory.

1 – “If something is approved by the government it is no longer immoral” – The Simpsons (1993)

In the classic “$ pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Loving Legalized Gambling)” episode, Springfield residents are on the verge of a nervous breakdown when they learn that a casino will be built in city.

It is basically a satire on Las Vegas and is among the best available online, even if only for the smoking tigers by Gunter and Ernst.

Of course Bart Simpson is also part of the episode by opening his treehouse casino with Milhouse as a wizard.

2 – “Your credit is safe with me” – Boardwalk Empire (2010)

The HBO channel series based on the Atlantic City origins brings together many classic poker and casino game scenes in which we also see real life characters such as Al Capone, Luck Luciano and the gangster and gambler, Arnold Rothstein (starring Michael Stuhlbarg).

After cleaning up Nucky Thompson’s little casino, Rothstein wants more, but Nucky won’t see any of it. “Your credit’s good with me” is the best phrase ever said in a casino.

Try using it yourself the next time you hit a big hit at your local casino.

3 – “We can save the city and become super rich! Let him get away “- South Park (2003)

Let’s be honest, South Park never backed down when it was time for a thorny topic. If you have ever played a classic winbet2u online slot machine , you will know very well that the typical casino atmosphere has been maintained.

In the seventh season episode “Red Man’s Greed,” Native American casinos keep the Trey Poker / Matt Stone treatment to themselves.

A group of Native American casino owners buys the city to build a highway connecting them to another property and South Park residents have 24 hours to raise the $ 300,000 needed to save their city.

Clearly, being South Park, nothing is simple. Adults win money and lose it before getting SARS from infected blankets. Of course they succeed in the enterprise.

4 – “Can I impose myself against the good nature of the dealer?” – Boardwalk Empire (2013)

There’s still room for another episode of Boardwalk Empire, so why not include this poker classic from Season 4?

Arnold Rothstein appears again, but this time he loses a fortune at the traditional poker table.

The HBO series sees many real-life gangsters as characters and in fact Meyer Lansky also makes an appearance in this episode.

After asking the casino to raise the limit to $ 200,000, Rothstein bets everything with nothing left. Nucky Thompson instead calls the play with a queen flush in his own casino.

The session continues until dawn until Rohstein decides he has had enough.

5 – “I’m no longer your boss, luck is your boss!” – The Office (2006)

The American version of the British sitcom The Office was very successful thanks to the house of distribution of the card and its ridiculous boss.

The Season 2 finale deserves a “special treatment” which sees Michael Scott (Steve Carell) set up a charity casino in the Dunder Mifflin warehouse.

Carrell later won awards for his season finale, but as the embarrassing Michael Scott, Carell just couldn’t be seen.

“Will Lady Fortune give me a raise?” (Will goddess give me a raise?)

6 – “It was my fourth! It was my fourth! ” – Friends (1999)

In the episode “The One in Vegas”, which is the finale of the fifth season of this famous comedy, Monica and Chandler go to the city of sin for their anniversary, but they make the terrible decision to take Phoebe with them.

The touch of comedy comes naturally from Joey who works as a gladiator in one of the casinos, and Phoebe, who manages to shake off a shady slots guy.

7 – “Your family heirloom is just unfair” – Hustle (2011)

In the episode “Clearance From a Deal” of the seventh series of this series about British scammers, a well-known casino owner and Marcus Wendell (Michael Brandon) arrive in the city from the United States.

Will Mickey Stone and his gang of cheaters beat the house even knowing that roulette is rigged?

They still don’t know, but Wendell’s roulette had been repaired many years ago by his own family.

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